An Audio Drama & A Short Film

This weekend is the forth annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival-LA (Sept 27-29) taking place at the historic (and beautifully Art Deco) Warner Grand Theatre in downtown San Pedro, CA. I am very excited that Macabre Fantasy Radio Theater has been asked back to the festival. This Friday night we will be performing another classic weird tale in the style of “Old Time Radio”, and one of my favorite of Lovecraft’s works, The TempleSet during WWI our story follows the tragic adventures of the doomed crew of a German submarine as they face madness and death below the sea.

Then, Saturday afternoon, is the World Premiere of a short film that I directed (my first) called Total Party KillIt tells the tale of a group of friends playing a table-top RPG as the world of the game crosses into the reality of the players. Watch the trailer!

If you are able and so inclined please Buy Tickets and join us this weekend! Also, if you can’t attend in person you can purchase a “There In Spirit” pass that will give you access to the LiveStream (watch our “radio” show!) as well as the Short Films!


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